The art of Darryl Love

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Darryl Love      -      Emptynutcase

A Word From the Artist

         Usually, we're supposed to write a third person biography about ourselves, talk ourselves up about our education/accomplishments... Instead, I'll just talk with you like we are in the back of some abandoned warehouse. Comfortable. Connecting, intimately, with you about my superhuman power of creating. My passion has been twisted around inside of my head. Contorted inside since the beginning of my awareness and consciousness.   Pulsating like a toy breathing ball. Growing larger in size. Expanding. Creating art soothes the soul and allows me clearly to examine some deep thoughts about life, theories, try to answer my own questions about whatever, and think about more ideas... That grey matter is very important. It's really something that I wish all people would explore, experience, and try to do more of: Make art. Its a great way to sort things out and put those puzzle pieces together in your head instead of an image with holes.  I couldn't tell you how many thoughts go into all of the details. The lost marbles are priceless gems found  fresh from an asylum in the twilight zone. Think about that. 
(When the music transition from song to song to song is too smooth- that's the best).  
        With that being said... (In present times)... What a time to be alive?  I hope you enjoy the artwork. Thank you ahead of time for visiting. Document things you see in the sky. 

-Darryl Love


-Working with major companies, bands, freelance, and self promotion for artwork (DC COMICS, Marvel, Sony, Warner Bros., Talenthouse, Rob Zombie, Woodstock, Slayer, Deadly Apples, Divi Audi, Nevermore Productions, Movie poster art, US Navy SEALs graphic design, Artprize (5 years) etc...), book illustrations, posters, etc.

Hulu/Talenthouse                                                                 2021
Invite only to work with Hulu for Huluween.

East Bay Street Players                                                      2021

Graphic Design for classic car club.

T.J. Fades Mural                                                                    2020/2022

Classic Black history mural

Cosmic Hoax  (Dr. Steven Greer)                                 2020

Graphic Design/ poster/ advertisement.

-Rob Zombie (musician/movie director)                      2018
  Runner up to the 31 movie art contest.  Multiple VIP experiences. 

-Comic Con                                                   2017
East Bay Comic Con held in Concord, CA. Fun time being a vendor and selling artwork. Met celebrities and a lot of new fans. 

-Artprize                                               2011-2015
Showcasing original artwork for the public's vote to win 250,000 dollars. This included newspaper coverage, TV coverage broadcast live on FOX, NBC, WoodTV 8, and WZZM 13. The artwork was seen by thousands of people and included public speaking. 

-Slayer (Thrash metal band)                                  2016
Worked with Slayer's manager Rick (at the time) and made them some artwork for promotional advertising. 

-Woodstock                                                   2016
Freelance artwork with Woodstock's 50th anniversary event promoters for advertising graphic desgin. 

-Deadly Apples                                               2018
Graphic design for canadian rock band (toured with Rob Zombie)

-UICA Live Coverage                                     2014-2015
Live painting for the Urban Institute of Contemporary arts and silent auctions. 

Shriekfest                                                       2012
Oil painting/ graphic design

Monsterpiece Theatre                              2012

Graphic Design/ movie poster (Movie was unreleased)

Professional training and education:

-Tattoo mentorship (2003-2005) 
-Art Institute of Chicago (2005-2006)
Media Arts and Animation/ Videogame design. Marketing classes, website building classes, art classes, general education, and psychology.
-Kendal College of art and design (2007)
Continuing studies Improv. painting/ marketing classes.